Yunju Baek 사진
Yunju Baek
Embedded Systems Lab.

1. Research Area

  We create innovative embedded systems based on the development of tiny embedded hardware and leading-edge embedded AI technology. Our recent research addresses things with voice interfaces, plug-in drowsy driving detectors, the smart band with gesture recognition, and more. Our team has been developing embedded hardware for 18 years and is a pioneer in the field of embedded AI.


2. Research Overview

  We tackle challenges for embedded systems by the development from hardware and low-level firmware to optimized high-level applications. Recently, we are focused on high-demanded embedded AI which is AI models and algorithms that can be operated on constrained embedded hardware. Our interests are optimization technologies, efficient neural networks, end innovative embedded systems as follow:

1) Embedded voice interfaces (Keyword Spotting, Spoken language understanding)

2) Real-time driving analysis based on maneuver (drowsy, driving pattern, etc.)

3) The Smart band with human activity recognition (gesture, fall, workout, etc.)

4) Any other challenging research for embedded systems



3. Research Achievements

Publications of the SCI, SCIE papers related with embedded systems

Presentation at embedded AI top-tier conference (MobiSys embedded DL workshop, etc.)

Collaboration with institutions and industries for the development of embedded AI systems (Busan national university hospital, vehicle-related industries, voice-related industries, etc.)

Alumni`s career as university professors and researchers at the global enterprise (KAIST, Catholic university, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, etc.)