Cho, Hwan-Gue 사진
Cho, Hwan-Gue
ALgorithm and Data Engineering Lab.

1. Research Area

The ALgorithm & Data Engineering Lab conducts research on analysis and visualization techniques for big data across various fields using graph theory and bioinformatics algorithms.


2. Research Overview

- Visualizing hundreds of documents in one picture based on applied graph theory

- Planning multi-vehicle routes for on-demand public transportation systems

- Analyzing discussion patterns and user characteristics in Internet community posts

- Detecting plagiarism documents in thousands of assignments and clone codes in large software projects

- Visualizing genome sequence data in 3D space

- Processing automatic typesetter for cartoon image using deep learning


3. Research Achievements

Sung-Hwan Kim, Hwan-Gyu Cho, User?Topic Modeling for Online Community Analysis. Appl.Sci. 10(10), 3388, 2020 (IF:2.474)

Uram ko, Hwan-Gyu Cho, SickZil-Machine: Text Removal System for Comics Translation Using Deep Learning. KIISE Transactions on Computing Practices 26(6), 274-279, 2020 (KCI)