Sang-Hwa Chung 사진
Sang-Hwa Chung
IoT Network Systems Lab.

1. Research Area

  The IoT Network & Systems (INS) Laboratory’s research area includes IoT & sensor networks, wireless networks, software defined networking (SDN), and embedded systems. In particular, the INS Laboratory focuses on IoT wireless networks & platforms, highly reliable industrial wireless networks & integrated control/management systems, and Fog/Edge computing for IoT services.


2. Research Overview

 The following technologies are being developed in the INS Laboratory.

- Open IoT platform and gateway to manage various smart devices and sensors

- IEEE 802.15.4e based industrial wireless network technology for smart factory construction

- Interworking interface between wireless network modules and various IoT devices

- Fog/Edge Computing technologies to improve IoT network efficiency


 Currently, the INS Laborotory is working on the technologies to build real-time process data collection infrastructure through the establishment of a highly reliable IoT wireless network based on TSCH, and developing wireless-based IoT devices and platforms, energy monitoring and energy optimization technologies for smartization of manufacturing processes. Currently, process data is collected and utilized by building wireless network testbeds in forging factory, rubber belt factory, and automobile parts manufacturing factory. In addition, Fog computing and distributed MQTT integration technology for smart city IoT data load balancing is being studied.


3. Research Achievements

- 236 papers (54 SCI Papers), 60 domestic/foreign patents, 12 technology transfers (KRW 690 million)

- NRF National R&D Best Performance 100 (2007), KIISE Journal Paper Contribution Award (2008), ETRI Journal Best Journal Paper Award (2010), PNU College of Engineering Journal Paper Award (2011), PNU School of Computer Science & Engineering Best Research Award (2017, 2019)


- On-going Research Projects

* IoT and Intelligent Information based Manufacturing IT Technology Innovation and Professional Manpower Cultivation (IITP Grand ICT Research Center Project, Total Research Budget: 12,170,000,000 KRW)

* Process Data Mining and Situation-adaptive Operation Optimization for Energy Efficiency of IoT-based Open-die Forging Factories (KETEP Research Project, Total Research Budget: 270,000,000 KRW)

* Integration Technology of Fog Computing and Distributed MQTT for Load Dispersion of IoT Data in Smart City (NRF Research Project: Total Research Budget: 150,000,000 KRW)