Keunhyuk Yeom 사진
Keunhyuk Yeom
Software Engineering Lab.

1. Research Area

Software Engineering Lab. is researching the latest IT convergence technologies such as cloud, microservice, and blockchain with the goal of fostering professional personnel with systematic knowledge and skills for effective software development, operation, and maintenance. ‘Cloud Platform Research’studies an open source cloud platform (such as openstack and cloudstack), CSB (cloud service broker), cloud service recommendation, and migration mechanism. ‘Microservice research' studies cloud application development without the need to manage servers in a cloud environment. ‘Block-Chain Platform Research’ studies the architecture of Block chain platform and service management.


2. Research Overview

- Cloud Platform Research

* Cloud Platform Technology such as Openstack and Cloudstack

* The Integration of public and private cloud, migration technology

* CSB Technology that intermediates and recommends cloud services


- Microservice Research

* Research about microservice such as Lambda and Cloud Functions

* Framework research to support connection and coupling between microservcies


- Block-chain Platform Research

* Cloud-based block-chain platform research

* Block-Chain service management




3. Research Achievements

- Achieve research achievements of 52 papers and 14 patent applications in the last 5 years (2016 ~ now)

* 23 papers, including SCI(E) papers, and 29 papers at prestigious international and international conferences such as IEEE and ACM

* 14 patent applications and eight registered records

* Received multiple paper awards (Korea computer Congress 2014, KIPS (Korean Information Processing Society) Fall Conference 2014, KCSE (Korea Conference on Software Engineering) 2014, 2017, 2019 best paper awards)