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Data Science Lab.

1. Research Area

Big Data creates big and interesting problems!!!

DataLab focuses on analyzing huge volumes of data for understanding behaviors of humans and things. Primary research of DataLab covers a wide range of topics in big data managements and analytics.


- Overview of research area

Big data analysis and management for distributed/heterogenous data sources

Efficient query processing algorithms and index structures on Big data

Enhancing the quality and fairness of Big data based on deep learng approahes

Improving the performance of Blockchain databases


- Keyword

Big data management and processing

Deep Learning, Data mining, Bid Data analytics

Data quality and fairness

Distributed query processing, Index Structures

Blockchain database


2. Research Overview

- Development of a distributed query processing and deep analysis framework for mobility big data based on a deep learning model (2020.06.01.-2030.05.31, 10 years, PI)


- Development of data improvement and dataset correction technology based on data quality assessment (2020.04.01.-2021.12.31., PI)


- Smart Museum project: Development of the artificial intelligence system of visitors' trajectory big data for operation of a smart museum (2018.07.01.-2020.12.31., PI)


- The big-data real-time system of social phenomena monitoring and social simulation for risk management of a hyper-connected society, Convergence Research Center (CRC) project (2018.08.01.-2022.02.29., Co-PI)


- Blockchain ITRC center (2020.07.01.-2022.12.31, Co-PI)


3. Research Achievements

- Recent internaltion journal publications (after 2017)

- Hani Ramadhan, Fitri Indra Indikawati, Joonho Kwon, Bonyong Koo, MusQ: A Multi-Store Query System for IoT Data Using a Datalog-Like Language. IEEE Access 8: 58032-58056 (2020)

- Hani Ramadhan, Yoga Yustiawan, Joonho Kwon, Applying Movement Constraints to BLE RSSI-Based Indoor Positioning for Extracting Valid Semantic Trajectories. Sensors 20(2): 527 (2020)

- Muhammad H Murdani, Joonho Kwon, Yoon-Ho Choi, Bonghee Hong, Efficient Proximity Computation Techniques Using ZIP Code Data for Smart Cities. Sensors 18, no. 4: 965. (2018)

- Putu Wiramaswara Widya, Yoga Yustiawan, Joonho Kwon, A oneM2M-Based Query Engine for Internet of Things (IoT) Data Streams. Sensors 18(10): 3253 (2018)

- Fadhilah Kurnia Putri, Giltae Song,Joonho Kwon, Praveen Rao, DISPAQ: Distributed Profitable-Area Query from Big Taxi Trip Data, Sensors, vol 17(10), 2201 (2017)

- Titus Irma Damaiyanti, Ardi Imawan, Fitri Indra Indikawati, Yoon-Ho Choi, Joonho Kwon, A similarity query system for road traffic data based on a NoSQL document store. Journal of Systems and Software 127: 28-51 (2017)

- Jae-Young Yang, Ledan Wu, Yafeng Zhou, Joonho Kwon, Han-You Jeong, Maximizing the Throughput of Wi-Fi Mesh Networks with Distributed Link Activation. IEICE Trans. Fundam. Electron. Commun. Comput. Sci. 100-A(11): 2425-2438 (2017)

- Lewis Nkenyereye, Joonho Kwon, Yoon-Ho Choi, Secure and Lightweight Cloud-Assisted Video Reporting Protocol over 5G-Enabled Vehicular Networks. Sensors 17(10): 2191 (2017)